Bill Moore

Bill Moore

Candidate for Orange County Sheriff




There are many issues facing Orange County. Below are the issues that are impacting the lives of our families and friends at the present time. It’s time for action and prevention. Communicating condolences to family members who lost a loved one to a violent crime means absolutely nothing when no meaningful action has taken place to prevent the crime.

Community Engagement Using Technology

  • Connect with the community on a regular basis with virtual town hall meetings at least quarterly in addition to regular appearances
  • Deploy a web-based map of Orange County using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology that displays incidents of crime in near real-time, allowing the public to visually identify the locations where criminal activity is taking place
  • Implement an interactive dashboard for academic researchers to query Orange County crime data and create reports for academic use
  • Provide media outlets the capability of generating reports using a web-based platform capable of parsing data from Computer Aided Dispatch and Crime Analysis databases, thereby eliminating the need for public records requests for records for certain data
  • Utilize social media platforms responsibly and expand use as necessary. Formally amend agency policy and ban TikTok from any official use by the agency. Encourage OCSO employees to discontinue personal use of TikTok so as to lead our community by example.

Enforcement Measures to Restore Peace & Reduce Crime

  • Suppress gang activity
  • Interrupt the drug trade
  • Zero Tolerance initiatives
  • Utilize Aviation Assets to the fullest extent
  • Locate and investigate Human Trafficking
  • Proactively investigate Child Exploitation
  • Target lower-level crimes that impact quality of life
  • Reorganize specialty units for maximum efficiency
  • Specialty units to work weekends
  • Ensure offenders are charged with crimes after complete investigations
  • Proactive enforcement of agricultural crimes

Administrative & Operational Efficiency

  • Improve morale of deputy sheriffs and all agency employees
  • Higher wages for deputies and employees and fixing compression of steps for deputy sheriffs
  • Offer recruitment incentives to highly qualified deputy sheriff and communication specialist applicants
  • Expand Recruiting and Training Units to rapidly process and train deputy sheriff applicants and probationary deputy sheriffs
  • Fair discipline and enacting Binding Arbitration
  • Promotion based on merit within parameters of CBA
  • Encourage Investigative Excellence in every case
  • Tactical training to facilitate immediate enforcement and safety in the field
  • Ensure prosecution of crimes by engaging State Attorneys Office
  • Empower decision making at the supervisory (SGT) level
  • Accurate collection of crime data
  • Accurate U.C.R. Coding of crimes
  • Report accurate crime data to F.B.I. and F.D.L.E.


Message to Orange County Sheriff’s Office

employees and Deputy Sheriffs

Please share your thoughts on improving the agency.

Your input will only be seen by myself and your name will be kept confidential.

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