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An “Open Letter” was sent to the elected officials on the Orange County Board of County Commissioners and Orange County School Board informing them of an immediate public safety risk. Orange County Sheriff John Mina approved the recall of all duty rifles issued to deputy sheriffs due to repeated malfunctions – OVER FOUR MONTHS AGO. Deputies DID NOT receive replacement duty rifles and are still responding to calls WITHOUT a duty rifle. Should an active shooter situation occur, deputies will likely be outgunned and placed in peril along with the residents of Orange County.

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Bill served as a highly qualified law enforcement officer who has dedicated his life to serving and protecting the residents of Orange County. His experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence make him an outstanding candidate for Orange County Sheriff. Bill believes the ‘tone’ must be reset in Orange County with a direct message – Those who commit crimes will be held accountable for harming, injuring, or terrorizing victims.
Political advertisement paid for and approved by Bill Moore, Democrat, for Orange County Sheriff
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