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In regard to Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida post about reckless driving, let’s get consistent on OCSO Pursuit Policy. The OCSO helicopter was used to “follow” an offender into Hillsborough County to the Hard Rock parking garage, but was not arrested; driver fled on foot.

Section 1. Felonies
Section 2. Exigent Circumstances- arguably none existed after leaving the area
Section 3. No pursuits for traffic offenses

Since reckless driving is becoming pervasive in Orange County, Orlando, FL, it would make sense to amend the policy so it is clear what can and cannot be done to apprehend reckless drivers. This is so the public is aware and also to make sure no deputy get disciplined for the same action the Sheriff, Command Staff, or Watch Commanders take in violating policy by authorizing actions that are otherwise prohibited by current policy.

Policy is not only written, it is “practiced” during operations or otherwise. There is clear deviation in the pursuit policy.

The entire pursuit policy can be read on the Orange County Sheriff’s Office website.

I hope FOP Lodge 93 and WFTV Channel 9 takes note.

Pursuit Policy

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