Windermere Reckless and Illegal Racing

Watch Statistics Closely


The Orange County Sheriff’s Office just restructured their specialty units yesterday; reassigning deputies and combining existing specialty units.

Reckless driving and racing still occurs. This time racers took over Windermere.

When violent crime has been going through the roof and reckless driving has been occurring regularly over the past two years or more, one has to ask why shuffle deputies now?

The answer: Election season and to have the ability to say something has been done.

Let’s measure effectiveness by the non-skewed data. DHSMV records show inadequate enforcement for reckless driving/racing over the past two years. 2021 – 98 citations, 2022 – 78 citations.

Consistency is key. While some arrests (23) have taken place over the past few weeks, the one and done type operations do little to nothing to curb criminal behavior. Residents want to feel safe. Clearly this resident is just as frustrated as the rest of us.

Link to Spectrum News Channel 13 Story:


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