Delayed Action: Late Pursuit

While I am glad they were caught, several things need to be asked of the Sheriff, by WFTV Channel 9, for this “one and done” attempt at curbing the reckless activity.

1. Under what policy provision was the “fresh pursuit” for a misdemeanor offense authorized to go into Hillsborough County with a helicopter following a vehicle into a parking garage? Pursuits are only authorized for violent crimes. A deputy doing this on their own would be disciplined and no doubt, this authorization came from the top in order for the helicopter to be used for this distance.

2. The social media post says if someone does this then be prepared to lose your vehicle for at least a month. What? The vehicle is an instrument of a crime and evidence of that crime. Let the vehicle sit until the criminal case is disposed of and as a condition of any plea forfeited to the Sheriff’s Office or disposed of like any other evidence, destroyed.

3. Why did it take over a year for some enforcement action to occur? Could it be the Sheriff is up for reelection and nothing has been done? Could it be all the negative social media posts by residents wanting something done?

Link to WFTV Channel 9 Story 

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