What A Sheriff Can Do To Take Control of TikTok

What Can A Sheriff Do To Take Control of TikTok?

Since Tik Tok has been determined as a security and mental health threat, many have asked what a Sheriff can do to Take Control of Tik Tok.

As Sheriff, I would do the following to lead by example:

  • Order the programming of routers to BLOCK access to Tik Tok from the agency’s computer network and WiFi.
  • Amend agency policy to BAN Tik Tok as a social media platform officially used by the agency.
  • Amend agency policy explicitly prohibiting Tik Tok on agency devices.
  • Encourage Orange County Government to BLOCK Tik Tok on the county-wide computer network.
  • Contact local and state legislators to enact a law banning Tik Tok from all government devices in Florida on government computer networks. Investigations and intelligence gathering can be done on a stand-alone workstation with no connectivity to a government network.

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